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Kimberly Glaster has been an artist and photographer most of her life in northern California. As a professional for over 20 years, her work conveys messages and tells stories with designs, images, products, and videos. She has worked with individuals, businesses, and the City of Sacramento park and recreation. Kimberly is looking forward to working with innovative people and businesses using her creative talent.

Kimberly has worked with multiple industries and individuals in creating custom-made projects. She enjoys making eye-catching messages; memorable stories using software to bring concepts to life. She is available to create custom projects and videos. Kimberly shows examples of her work as an artist and professional on the portfolio page.

Kimberly loves working with her community and surrounding areas. Her work has appeared in publications and on the web. Some of her work is on the City of Sacramento Aquatics page to promote public pools and programs. Her images are published; in the Come Out & Play Magazine and online for the City of Sacramento. Her video production work has appeared on television and the web as well.

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