Kimberly Glaster has been an artist and photographer most of her life and works as a professional for over 20 years. Kim has spent the better part of her career as a photographer—both as a volunteer staffer and professional at various northern, California businesses including the City of Sacramento park and recreation. Currently, Kim is a freelancer helping people in the entertainment, commercial and visual production industries along with innovative people throughout Sacramento, California.

In addition to being a local photographer, Kimberly loves to help people with tutoring groups and individuals learning about photography, digital imaging, and video capture. Tutoring sessions are available for beginners to pros that want to create visual art through technology. Kimberly list links to show examples of her work that include art, photography, and videography. Kimberly works with artists, businesses and has an interest in making a variety of custom—made crafts.

Kimberly gives back to the Sacramento community and surrounding areas throughout the year as a photographer. Some of Kim’s images are on the City of Sacramento Aquatics page highlighting public pools and recreation. Kim’s images have been published and can be seen in Come Out & Play Magazine.

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