Mini G – first bag made by Kimberly Gaster in April 2018

Kimberly Glaster started making custom-made crafts in November 2017 and launched G-Shop in May 2018 with a mini sized brown leather bag that quickly caught the attention of her co-workers. Soon after, Kimberly was making custom-made leather bags, pouches, jewelry, key tags, wallets, lampshades, and more. Kimberly creates special orders for innovative people looking for unique custom designs that are one-of-a-kind.

Kimberly’s custom-made crafts are not mass-produced and therefore can not be reproduced in the same way. At this time there are no more than one of each (or less) of each color of the leather used to create each custom-made craft. Kimberly does not promise that more leather colors will be available for new items to be created and sold. Many of the leather hides used to create her crafts were sourced through local vendors in and around Sacramento, California. Kimberly offers a unique opportunity to her local clients to attend the purchase of the hide used to create special orders. 

Kimberly is more than happy to be a private designer, if you see something you want that is marked sold out, please email a request as special orders are an option.

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